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Technology Group

Technological communities are a main factor in the structure of the entrepreneurship system. This is because it is of paramount importance in spreading knowledge and effective communication among the stakeholders concerned with the field. Therefore, Technology Incubators and Accelerators Program enhances and develops the presence of such groups, through hosting the meetings and proceedings of such groups and providing them with every facility possible.

Technology groups, that were managed by male and female entrepreneurs in the Kingdom, aim at keeping pace with the latest technological advancements, spreading knowledge and continuous learning, effective communication, exchange of experiences, problem-solving, self-marketing, showcasing of professional skills and attracting talents.

Badir Technology Incubators and Accelerators Program seeks to support these groups, in order to build a specialized knowledge society, through a set of services, including the provision of a venue where groups can meet, discuss their future plans, providing world-class spokespersons, depending on the field of the group, and linking the members of the group to the investors.

It is easy to view and register in the table of proceedings of the technological groups. Stakeholders may also create their own technological groups with Badir Program, by visiting the Technological Groups page and selecting to “create your technological group”, where all the requests will be studied by the relevant management and will then be approved.

IBM Cloud Saudi
Details مجموعه متخصصه تهتم بمناقشة مواضيع تقنيه مختلفه تتبنى منهجيات شركة IBM الموقع :
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مجموعة برمج التقنيه
Details مجموعة غير ربحيه بقطاع البرمجيات تهدف لدعم القاعده الوطنيه الاقتصاديه لبناء جيل مبدع الموقع :
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Riyadh Data Geeks
Details المجتمع الريادي الأول عربيا في مجال البيانات الموقع :
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GCC Blockchain Community
Details مجتمع تقني مهتم بتقنيات Blockchain في الخليج العربي الموقع :
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Uxbert community
Details مجموعه مختصه في تجربة المستخدم في المملكة بمختبر مجهز بأحدث المعدات لفحص قابلية الاستخدام الموقع :
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Riyadh agile & scrum group
Details agile & scrum community in Saudi Arabia الموقع :
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