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Inventors Office

Badir Inventor Service Office acts as the consultant and financier for the Saudi inventors’ applications, depending on the course of action related to the thoughts of the inventor. It assists the inventor to conduct the preliminary research about their invention idea and furnishes them with the research findings, so that the inventor would understand the strong points of their idea and the possibility of protecting it, through searching the documents that are similar to the idea in the international databases.

After the inventor proves that their application is distinct and different from other documents, consultation and guidance are provided to the inventor in drafting the application for their patent, in conformity with the requirements of the Saudi Patent Office. After that, the application is lodged at the Saudi Patent Office, where the Office covers all the costs of the patent application such as the lodging fees, up to the last year in which the patent is protected. The Office also follows up the status of applications submitted by Saudi inventors at the Saudi Patent Office, to ensure that the patent applications of the Saudi inventors reach the stage of admission and issuance of document.”

The Inventors Service Office provides several services, such as consultations in the field of intellectual property, particularly in the field of preliminary research of the patents, drafting of the patent applications, preparing the replies to the examination reports issued by the Saudi Patent Office. In addition, the Office provides financial support, through bearing the costs of covering the patents and building the prototypes and conducting experiments for highly valued inventions and promoting the invention to the investment stage. In addition, training programs, seminars and workshops are held to disseminate knowledge in the field of intellectual property.