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Soft-landing Program

The Soft Landing Program is an international program for attracting international start-up companies, facilitating their introduction into the Saudi marketplace, enhancing the setting up of effective partnerships with Saudi entrepreneurs. The Program targets international and regional start-up companies from the GCC, Arabian countries, the USA, the United Kingdom, Eastern European countries, as well as South East Asian countries.

The International Program aims at assisting international start-up companies to access the Saudi market and facilitate collaboration with Saudi partners. On the other hand, the Program will operate closely with local partners with experience in assisting international companies to access the Saudi market and facilitating the access of the relevant stakeholders.

This Program provides more opportunities to the foreign start-up companies that wish to be introduced to the Saudi market and receive administrative logistical support, in addition to the relevant contacts. It will also assist such companies to comprehend the business culture and applicable practices in the Kingdom, through providing guidance and awareness to the incubated persons and providing an environment to connect the incubated entrepreneur to the entrepreneurship environment in the Kingdom, as well as to the relevant entities concerned with the business field thereof.

The Soft Landing Program services include having a license issued to the foreign investor by the Saudi General Investment Authority and facilitating the formalities of incorporating the company through connecting with the governmental ministries such as the Ministry of Commerce and Investment , the Saudi Ministry of Labor and General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) . The Program also includes providing a venue for start-up companies in Badir Program throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.