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Badir Dammam Incubator in Partnership with the Saudi Electricity Company


Badir Dammam Incubator, which was launched in partnership with the Saudi Electricity Company, seeks to create promising investment opportunities in the field of technology, in accordance with the national plans for science, technology and innovation in the Kingdom. In addition, it provides different facilities which assist Saudi male and female entrepreneurs in the Eastern Province to change their technical ideas into successful investment projects that contribute to diversifying sources of income and providing more job opportunities for the youth. These facilities include providing offices for entrepreneurs, during and before the incubation stage, administrative, accounting, financial, legal and marketing, as well as human resources services.

The Saudi Electricity Company assumed the responsibilities of providing an office for the incubator, as well as providing it with the necessary infrastructure and logistical support to facilitate the activities of the incubator operation and management. On the other hand, Badir operates and manages the incubator and provides advice, consulting services, mentoring and practical training to entrepreneurs in the Eastern Province. These include a number of lectures, symposiums, workshops and training courses, as recently concluded by the studies conducted in the field of entrepreneurship and technology.


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Customer care number : 992 20 9200