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Badir Riyadh Biotechnology Incubator


Badir Biotechnology Incubator was launched in 2010 and it is based in King Fahd Medical City, in Riyadh. It supports sets up and develops the biotechnology sector in several fields, such as health, medicine, and pharmacy, environmental and agricultural sectors. It also assists Saudi researchers and professionals to establish and develop strategic projects in biotechnology fields, for the purpose of developing this important technological sector and supporting the Saudi biotechnology sector.

The Biotechnology Incubator aims at encouraging and supporting the launching of new projects in the field of biotechnology. It incubates leading projects for researchers, technicians and physicians in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences which are capable of growth to become promising companies of higher value in the Kingdom.

Entrepreneurs, through having their projects incubated in Badir Biotechnology Incubator, manage to have access to the key services. Such services include laboratories - which operate according to the latest specifications and standards - in addition to the power to use the available technological and medical equipment which contributes to supporting a system for setting up projects, as well as free work space for creativity, specialized centers for enhancing innovation and introductory training courses provided by a selected set of experts and consultants in the biotechnology sector, opportunities for building work relationships, communication with business communities and meeting with investors.


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Customer care number : 992 20 9200