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Business Model Generation
Management Skills – Business Model Generation

The Business Model Generation is considered to be one of the main references for any entrepreneur when creating a business model, whereas it was co-created by 470 "Business Model Canvas" practitioners from 45 countries around the world. The book gets deep into the business models to provide the reader with complete details and therefore help him understand the business models, whether the conventional models or the modern and developed ones.

Technology Incubators
Technology Incubators... Creativity and Innovation Support

To initiate an emerging trading company from its beginning may be an individual deed, surrounded by challenges and lack of lucidity necessary for the company's success. Such individual deed is a consequence of moral and material support absence, which might be represented by financing or providing advice and consulting services. The role of business incubators arises in this framework to achieve the goals set by young entrepreneurs, and even put them on the right path to turn their creative ideas into tangible productive projects.

A young Saudi’s passion for math and Numbers gives rise to actuarial company

The expression "the love of adventure pushes entrepreneurs to leave typical businesses and shift towards taking risks in pioneer works" best applies to 26-year old Saudi Ahmed Bukhamseen who left work at a global corporation to become an entrepreneur, and established Quant Data and Analytics – a specialized company in the field of data science, data analysis, visualization and integration in Business Intelligence platforms that transforms raw data into information to empower organizations in the decision making process.

Nawaf Al-Sahaf, Chief Executive Officer
Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship... Badir Programme!

Written by: Nawaf Al-Sahaf, Chief Executive Officer, Badir Programme for Technology Incubators