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Badir Accelerator


What is Badir Accelerator?

Badir Accelerator supports owners of start-up technological projects to develop their ideas and transform them into products or services. The Accelerator helps them get onto the market within 90 business days, accompanied by continuous guidance to grow the entrepreneur's investment through an extensive network of local and regional investors.


What does Badir Accelerator do?

Badir Accelerator provides initial funding for accepted projects in the accelerator stage to cover pre-operating and marketing costs. It further provides an intensive program in which a set of services are offered such as:

- Consulting services

- Intensive training programs

- Follow-up and guidance

- Mentoring and workshops


What are the terms for joining Badir Accelerator?

The following are the key conditions:

•   The concept of the project must be a technical one, having a competitive advantage to enable it to grow

•   The team must have the relevant experience to manage and follow up on the project

•  The project team should have sufficient information (technical) in the target area

•   The project team should be fully dedicated to the accelerated stage

•   The project team must have a technical partner to assist with the project.


How Badir Accelerator helps start-ups?

Badir Accelerator will finance start-up technology projects that have been accepted by it with the highest ceiling of SR 150,000 per project, as well as the possibility of incubating the project in the Badir Program.


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