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Financial Services:

They provide the incubated projects with financial consulting in all areas of the project, to assist in identifying the actual financing needs; preparing the financial model of the project and training in the skills of investment offers; linking with investors, investment funds and private financing agencies; conducting the necessary investigation of investments; implementing the necessary measures and requirements; and facilitating borrowing from some supporting financing entities.


Accounting Services:

The accounting services for incubated projects include the provision of accounting consulting in all areas and developments of the project and assistance in developing an integrated accounting system and bookkeeping, issuing financial statements, and approving the financial statements by an accounting firm recognised by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.


Legal Services:

They provide the incubated projects with legal and regulatory consultations and special regulations for launch of projects through the licensed law firms, establishment of companies, procurement of necessary government licences, and drafting and review of agreements, contracts, terms, conditions or policies of employment.


Training Services:

They provide the incubated projects with several supporting activities, the most notably being holding workshops and training courses in various areas; holding meetings with specialists in specialised technical areas; holding meetings with successful entrepreneurs to benefit from their experience; and holding events and internal meetings for communication and acquaintance among entrepreneurs.


Common Workspaces:

They provide private and common working offices with flexible spaces to facilitate interaction and increase productivity, which will be equipped with communication and secretarial services, meeting rooms with presentation and communication technologies, training and event rooms, rest areas, and ready prepared food courts, and food storage cabinets.


Consulting Services:

They enable the incubated projects to benefit from consultative sessions with experts in different fields or nominate additional consultants from outside the available majors, as needed by the project.




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