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About us


Badir Technology Incubators and Accelerators Program is one of the most important national and innovative environments in the field of supporting the establishment and growth of pilot and start-up projects. The Program was created in 2007 by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. The Program aims at supporting the opportunities of business enterprises based on technology and development of entrepreneurship in the technological field.

Badir Program seeks to support and develop the technology incubators industry in the Kingdom. It also seeks to promote the concept of technology entrepreneurship and convert technological projects into successful business opportunities. Since the Program was launched, it has created several business incubators in seven cities throughout the Kingdom. Such incubators, in turn, seek to support male and female entrepreneurs and stabilize a fertile breeding ground for creating start-up projects by relying on the principle of risk minimization and building companies capable of achieving success and survival.

So far, Badir has served more than 280 startups since it launched. It helped such companies, which were unable to reach the necessary investments, to reach a wide range of customers and to access subsidies provided by the Government. In addition, Badir developed a national embracing policy through establishing a network of retail investors and bridging the gap that results from cultural incompatibility between universities and society, through the launch of university entrepreneurship programs .

Today, Badir is focusing on expanding its innovation and entrepreneurial hubs across the Kingdom in order to achieve its KPIs of creating 600 startups and 3,600 jobs by 2020.