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Badir Program provides a wide range of services to entrepreneurs. These services include;

1. Assisting in developing action plans of incubated projects

2. Providing legal, administrative and marketing consultations

3. Improving marketing and promotion research skills

4. Building relationships with commercial entities in the Saudi and international commercial markets

5. Assisting in obtaining financial subsidy by facilitating access to sources of financial subsidy.

6. Assisting in the issuance of patents and intellectual property

7. Preparing workshops on different topics, for developing the individual skills of the incubated person

8. Providing a permanent domicile for the project

9. Allowing access to modern and state-of-the-art utilities and laboratories

10. Supporting the design, reverse engineering, three-dimensional printing, product quality control and engineering assessment

11. Holding a number of workshops and lectures in industries

12. Improving the Saudi youth skills and talents, as well as developing their capabilities in the technical field.